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Nutra Kombucha was born out of a family’s desire for a truly healthy alternative to soft drinks filled with sugar, or worse, artificial sweeteners. Based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, Nutra Kombucha has grown from a ‘home brew’ business to an award-winning commercial brewing company in less than 4 years. And in 2020, their hard work paid off when Nutra Kombucha featured not once, but three times on the coveted Nourish Awards winners list.

Kombucha Colin & Margaret

Meet Colin & Margaret

Like many artisan businesses, Nutra Kombucha has its roots in a family home. Colin and Margaret Wynne were looking for a refreshing, healthy alternative to soft drinks which are filled with preservatives and additives.

They started brewing kombucha at home using their own special blend of teas. But demand among their family and friends for the delicious brew was soon more than they could satisfy with their limited facilities.

And so, Nutra Kombucha moved to commercial premises, and was soon being enjoyed by kombucha lovers nation-wide.

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Kombucha Colin Wynne

Colin Says:

‘As a type 2 diabetic, I began searching for a low sugar drink that would be suitable for me. I came across Kombucha and started brewing it from home. It was quite different to the “sugar free” drinks that were commercially available and frankly, it took a bit of getting used to at first.

But as my taste buds became less reliant on sugar and potentially harmful additives and chemicals such as aspartame, I started to feel the benefits. I began sharing it with friends and family and pretty soon, we were getting some amazing feedback and demand started to grow.’

Margaret Says:

‘Kombucha is a nice refreshing drink and is a great alternative to sugar and chemical laden soft drinks. It just makes sense that if you are reducing your intake of chemicals, additives and preservatives; this has to have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

Soft drink manufacturers add chemicals and additives to improve shelf life but we believe that this may not be good for us. The power of fermentation preserves our Kombucha naturally without the need for additives.’

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