Why Kombucha

The origins of Kombucha go back over 2000 years to Northern China, where it was believed to have many benefits.

Nowadays, kombucha drinkers around the world credit the drink for helping them to make a healthy choice, or even overcome a huge range of health issues.

Scientific studies into the health benefits of kombucha are yet to yield conclusive evidence, but that doesn’t stop people choosing this healthy, nutritious drink to give them a boost, just like they did in ancient China!

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What is kombucha
What is kombucha jug

The popularity of kombucha has meant that large multinational companies have started to mass produce a version of kombucha that has moved away from the nutritious, natural roots of the original drink.

When we talk about kombucha, we’re talking about those brands which retain the quality and goodness of the ancient recipes.

Kombucha is a naturally fermented sweetened tea drink, made using a SCOBY (a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).

It should contain no artificial ingredients whatsoever, and should be brewed using high quality, natural ingredients. Good quality kombucha is full of antioxidants and vitamins.

We don’t artificially carbonate our drinks, but the fermentation process does result in a certain amount of self-carbonation which gives kombucha a delightful fizz.

Free from artificial sweeteners and other nasties, gluten free, vegan friendly, and naturally low in sugar and calories (typically just 45-50 calories per bottle), it really is a wonder drink!

Kombucha is nutritionally alive with colonies of good bacteria, alongside acids and enzymes believed to be good for gut health.

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The link to gut health

Good gut health is increasingly being linked to a huge range of health benefits. Gut bacteria play a role in most of the body’s essential processes, and so it’s vital to have a variety of the right bacteria for good health.

The health benefits that kombucha drinkers tell us they enjoy are most likely linked to an improvement in gut health, nurtured by the bacteria, acids and enzymes in the drink.

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The link to gut health

The link to gut health

What could Kombucha help with?

Kombucha drinkers love their booch, and the benefits they report are varied and impressive…

Kombucha provides support to the liver’s natural detox processes, and reduces the pancreatic load.

PH Levels
Kombucha can help to maintain favourable gut pH levels, meaning it will fit nicely within the celebrity alkaline diets which are becoming increasingly popular..

Joint Care
Some of the acids contained in kombucha can help preserve cartilage, and maintain tissue structure. These acids act as a cushion and lubricant in the joints and other tissues.
Kombucha also contains glucosamines, popularly taken as a supplement and preventative for arthritis.

Kombucha can aid digestion and gut health. Its high content of beneficial enzymes & good bacteria supports the digestive system, and can fight yeast overgrowths (candida).

Mood Stability
Kombucha is said to aid mood stability, and help fight depression and anxiety.

Beneficial Enzymes & Acids
One of the most important acids contained in kombucha is glucuronic acid, which is known to reduce arthritic pain.
Glucuronic acid is an important part of the metabolism and is known to support the body in its fight against cancer and other illnesses.

Natural Energy Boost
Kombucha can increase blood haemoglobin and improve oxygen flow to the tissues, which will increase performance naturally.
If you are involved in sports, this can give you a natural boost to your performance without relying on caffeine or unhealthy sugar.

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